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INSTALL_HEPTAPOD: we can now use released versions for hg-git

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# Heptapod installation guide
## Important: migrating from Heptapod 0.8
## Important: migrating from Heptapod 0.8 to 0.12
Because Heptapod 0.12 is a jump from GitLab CE 10.5 to 12.2, it is not
possible to upgrade directly, because major GitLab version bump must be done
......@@ -88,25 +88,6 @@ $PIP install -U -r python/requirements.txt
where `$PIP` is `pip --user` or `some/virtualenv/bin/pip` according to your
Then, we need a special unreleased version of `hg-git`.
Rather to use `pip install hg+https`, which is quite error
prone, the simplest best way looks like this:
hg clone -u $TAG hg-git
$PIP install -e hg-git
- this repository is small enough that pulling exactly the wanted
revision is a needless complication.
- the `-e` flag will make your subsequent updates easier: you'll just have
to `hg pull -u NEW_TAG`, redo the `pip install -e` to account for package
metadata changes (notably entry points if any) and restart relevant processes.
### Configuration
You need to
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