Commit 78a3bba6 authored by Adam Pahlevi's avatar Adam Pahlevi
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cop for gem fetched from a git source

code fix for aesthetic & conventions

remove unused proc
parent 9af2682ca2d6
module RuboCop
module Cop
# Cop that checks for all gems specified in the Gemfile, and will
# alert if any gem is to be fetched not from the RubyGems index.
# This enforcement is done so as to minimize external build
# dependencies and build times.
class GemFetcher < RuboCop::Cop::Cop
MSG = 'Do not use gems from git repositories, only use gems from RubyGems.'
GIT_KEYS = [:git, :github]
def on_send(node)
file_path =
return unless file_path.end_with?("Gemfile")
func_name = node.children[1]
return unless func_name == :gem
node.children.last.each_node(:pair) do |pair|
key_name = pair.children[0].children[0].to_sym
if GIT_KEYS.include?(key_name)
add_offense(node, :selector)
require_relative 'migration_helpers'
require_relative 'cop/migration/add_index'
require_relative 'cop/migration/column_with_default'
require_relative 'cop/gem_fetcher'
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