Commit 7ba38648 authored by Georges Racinet's avatar Georges Racinet 🦑
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HgGitRepository#get_hg_heptapod_config can ignore global conf

This will be useful for an incremental approach of configuration
setting, and spares us INI format parsing in Ruby (GitLab does not
come with a gem for this).

branch : heptapod-stable
parent da933348c308
......@@ -1159,10 +1159,10 @@ def rpath_to_namespace_if_hgrc_included(new_disk_path)
'auto-publish' => 'str'}.freeze
HG_CONFIG_TRUE = ["1", "yes", "true", "on"].freeze
def get_hg_heptapod_config
def get_hg_heptapod_config(local: false)
hg_env = {'HGUSER' => 'Heptapod system',
'HGRCPATH' => Gitlab::Mercurial.hgrc_path,
'HGRCPATH' => local ? "" : Gitlab::Mercurial.hgrc_path,
hg_exe = Gitlab.config.mercurial.bin_path
out, status = popen([hg_exe, 'config', 'heptapod'],
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