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Add merge moments to process

Fixes #1450

See merge request !986
......@@ -156,11 +156,14 @@ It is important to do this as soon as possible, so we can catch any errors befor
### **2. Prepare the blog post**
- Check the changelog of CE and EE for important changes. Based on [release blog template]( fill in the important information.
- Create a WIP MR for the blog post and cc the team so everyone can give feedback.
- Start with a complete copy of the [release blog template]( and fill it out.
- Check the changelog of CE and EE for important changes.
- Create a WIP MR for the blog post
- Ask Dmitriy to add screenshots to the WIP MR.
- Decide with team who will be the MVP user.
- Add a note if there are security fixes: This release fixes an important security issue and we advise everyone to upgrade as soon as possible.
- Assign to one reviewer who will fix spelling issues by editing the branch (can use the online editor)
- After the reviewer is finished the whole team will be mentioned to give their suggestions via line comments
### **3. Create a regressions issue**
......@@ -181,7 +184,11 @@ Tweet about the RC release:
# **21st - Preparation**
### **1. Q&A**
### **1. Pre QA merge**
Merge CE into EE before doing the QA.
### **2. QA**
Create issue on `gitlab` repository, named "GitLab X.X release" in order to keep track of the progress.
......@@ -189,7 +196,7 @@ Use the omnibus packages of Enterprise Edition using [this guide](
**NOTE** Upgrader can only be tested when tags are pushed to all repositories. Do not forget to confirm it is working before releasing. Note that in the issue.
### **2. Fix anything coming out of the QA**
### **3. Fix anything coming out of the QA**
Create an issue with description of a problem, if it is quick fix fix yourself otherwise contact the team for advice.
......@@ -201,6 +208,8 @@ For GitLab EE, append `-ee` to the branches and tags.
Merge CE into EE if needed.
### **1. Create x-x-stable branch and push to the repositories**
......@@ -212,7 +221,8 @@ git push <remote> x-x-stable
### **2. Build the Omnibus packages**
[Follow this guide](
Follow the [release doc in the Omnibus repository](
This can happen before tagging because Omnibus uses tags in its own repo and SHA1's to refer to the GitLab codebase.
### **3. Set VERSION to x.x.x and push**
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