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......@@ -3,18 +3,12 @@ v 7.6.0
- New rugged version
- Add CRON=1 backup setting for quiet backups
- Fix failing wiki restore
- Add optional Sidekiq MemoryKiller middleware (enabled via SIDEKIQ_MAX_RSS env variable)
- Monokai highlighting style now more faithful to original design (Mark Riedesel)
- Create project with repository in synchrony
- Added ability to create empty repo or import existing one if project does not have repository
- Reactivate highlight.js language autodetection
- Mobile UI improvements
- Change maximum avatar file size from 100KB to 200KB
- Strict validation for snippet file names
- Enable Markdown preview for issues, merge requests, milestones, and notes (Vinnie Okada)
......@@ -22,6 +16,11 @@ v 7.6.0
- Update Sidekiq to version 2.17.8
- Add author filter to project issues and merge requests pages
- Atom feed for user activity
- Support multiple omniauth providers for the same user
- Rendering cross reference in issue title and tooltip for merge request
- Show username in comments
- Possibility to create Milestones or Labels when Issues are disabled
- Fix bug with showing gpg signature in tag
v 7.5.2
- Don't log Sidekiq arguments by default
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