Commit 888c1a3f authored by Stan Hu's avatar Stan Hu
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Add spec for refresh service adding notes to restored branches

parent 249433944937
......@@ -90,9 +90,8 @@ def comment_mr_branch_presence_changed
# Since any number of commits could have been made to the restored branch,
# find the common root to see what has been added.
common_ref = @project.repository.merge_base(, @newrev)
# If the last_commit no longer exists in this new branch,
# gitlab_git throws a Rugged::OdbError
# This is fixed in
# If the a commit no longer exists in this repo, gitlab_git throws
# a Rugged::OdbError. This is fixed in
@commits = @project.repository.commits_between(common_ref, @newrev) if common_ref
......@@ -108,21 +108,23 @@
context 'push new branch that exists in a merge request' do
let(:refresh_service) {, @user) }
before do
allow(refresh_service).to receive(:execute_hooks)
it 'refreshes the merge request' do
expect(refresh_service).to receive(:execute_hooks).
with(@fork_merge_request, 'update')
allow_any_instance_of(Repository).to receive(:merge_base).and_return(@oldrev)
refresh_service.execute(Gitlab::Git::BLANK_SHA, @newrev, 'refs/heads/master')
it 'should execute hooks with update action' do
expect(refresh_service).to have_received(:execute_hooks).
with(@fork_merge_request, 'update')
expect(@merge_request.notes).to be_empty
expect(@merge_request).to be_open
it { expect(@merge_request.notes).to be_empty }
it { expect(@merge_request).to be_open }
it { expect(@fork_merge_request.notes.last.note).to include('Source branch `master` restored') }
it { expect(@fork_merge_request).to be_open }
notes = @fork_merge_request.notes.reorder(:created_at).map(&:note)
expect(notes[0]).to include('Source branch `master` restored')
expect(notes[1]).to include('Added 4 commits')
expect(@fork_merge_request).to be_open
def reload_mrs
......@@ -229,7 +229,7 @@
describe '.change_branch' do
subject { described_class.change_branch(noteable, project, author, :target, old_branch, new_branch) }
subject { described_class.change_branch(noteable, project, author, 'target', old_branch, new_branch) }
let(:old_branch) { 'old_branch'}
let(:new_branch) { 'new_branch'}
......@@ -243,7 +243,7 @@
describe '.change_branch_presence' do
subject { described_class.change_branch_presence(noteable, project, author, 'source', 'feature', :delete) }
subject { described_class.change_branch_presence(noteable, project, author, :source, 'feature', :delete) }
it_behaves_like 'a system note'
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