Commit 8c2e5223 authored by Phil Hughes's avatar Phil Hughes
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Merge branch '52178-markdown-table-borders' into 'master'

Fix markdown table border and background color

Closes #52178

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!22090
......@@ -20,20 +20,24 @@
display: inline-block;
overflow-x: auto;
border: 0;
border-color: $gray-100;
border-color: $gl-gray-100;
@supports (width: fit-content) {
display: block;
width: fit-content;
tbody {
background-color: $white-light;
tr {
th {
border-bottom: solid 2px $gray-100;
border-bottom: solid 2px $gl-gray-100;
td {
border-color: $gray-100;
border-color: $gl-gray-100;
title: Add borders and white background to markdown tables
type: fixed
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