Unverified Commit 8cdee2ba authored by Luke "Jared" Bennett's avatar Luke "Jared" Bennett
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Exposed 'onToggleHelp() to window object so showHelp() can be a global function'

Removed from window and used static method
parent c7580fcec09e
......@@ -9,12 +9,12 @@ class @Shortcuts
onToggleHelp: (e) =>
toggleMarkdownPreview: (e) =>
toggleMarkdownPreview: (e) ->
$(document).triggerHandler('markdown-preview:toggle', [e])
toggleHelp: (location) ->
@toggleHelp: (location) ->
$modal = $('#modal-shortcuts')
if $modal.length
......@@ -36,6 +36,6 @@
%li= link_to 'See our website for getting help', promo_url + '/getting-help/'
%li= link_to 'Use the search bar on the top of this page', '#', onclick: 'Shortcuts.focusSearch(event)'
%li= link_to 'Use shortcuts', '#', onclick: 'Shortcuts.showHelp(event)'
%li= link_to 'Use shortcuts', '#', onclick: 'Shortcuts.toggleHelp()'
%li= link_to 'Get a support subscription', 'https://about.gitlab.com/pricing/'
%li= link_to 'Compare GitLab editions', 'https://about.gitlab.com/features/#compare'
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