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Commit 8e983d33 authored by Yorick Peterse's avatar Yorick Peterse
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Merge branch 'reduce-influxdb-tags' into 'master'

See merge request !2252
......@@ -19,11 +19,8 @@ def to_hash
series: @series,
tags: @tags.merge(
hostname: Metrics.hostname,
ruby_engine: RUBY_ENGINE,
ruby_version: RUBY_VERSION,
gitlab_version: Gitlab::VERSION,
process_type: Sidekiq.server? ? 'sidekiq' : 'rails'
hostname: Metrics.hostname,
process_type: Sidekiq.server? ? 'sidekiq' : 'rails'
values: @values,
timestamp: @created_at.to_i * 1_000_000_000
......@@ -39,9 +39,6 @@
expect(hash[:tags]).to be_an_instance_of(Hash)
expect(hash[:tags][:hostname]).to be_an_instance_of(String)
expect(hash[:tags][:ruby_engine]).to be_an_instance_of(String)
expect(hash[:tags][:ruby_version]).to be_an_instance_of(String)
expect(hash[:tags][:gitlab_version]).to be_an_instance_of(String)
expect(hash[:tags][:process_type]).to be_an_instance_of(String)
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