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Commit 8f400ce3 authored by Winnie Hellmann's avatar Winnie Hellmann
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Resolve conflicts in lib/tasks/gitlab/cleanup.rake

parent aee043ebf088
......@@ -59,15 +59,11 @@ namespace :gitlab do
.sub(%r{^/*}, '')
<<<<<<< HEAD
next if Project.find_by_full_path(repo_with_namespace)
# TODO ignoring hashed repositories for now. But revisit to fully support
# possible orphaned hashed repos
next if repo_with_namespace.start_with?('@hashed/') || Project.find_by_full_path(repo_with_namespace)
>>>>>>> b462edfddb... Merge branch '40291-ignore-hashed-repos-cleanup-repositories' into 'master'
new_path = path + move_suffix
puts path.inspect + ' -> ' + new_path.inspect
File.rename(path, new_path)
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