Commit d82d6a67 authored by Heinrich Lee Yu's avatar Heinrich Lee Yu
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We already check max boards in the create service. This is not used.
parent db3ca4717e85
......@@ -38,7 +38,6 @@
BoardLimitExceeded =
STATISTICS_ATTRIBUTE = 'repositories_count'.freeze
UNKNOWN_IMPORT_URL = 'http://unknown.git'.freeze
# Hashed Storage versions handle rolling out new storage to project and dependents models:
# nil: legacy
......@@ -137,7 +136,7 @@
alias_attribute :parent_id, :namespace_id
has_one :last_event, -> {order 'events.created_at DESC'}, class_name: 'Event'
has_many :boards, before_add: :validate_board_limit
has_many :boards
# Project services
has_one :campfire_service
......@@ -2194,17 +2193,6 @@
# Similar to the normal callbacks that hook into the life cycle of an
# Active Record object, you can also define callbacks that get triggered
# when you add an object to an association collection. If any of these
# callbacks throw an exception, the object will not be added to the
# collection. Before you add a new board to the boards collection if you
# already have 1, 2, or n it will fail, but it if you have 0 that is lower
# than the number of permitted boards per project it won't fail.
def validate_board_limit(board)
raise BoardLimitExceeded, 'Number of permitted boards exceeded' if boards.size >= NUMBER_OF_PERMITTED_BOARDS
def update_project_statistics
stats = statistics || build_statistics
stats.update(namespace_id: namespace_id)
......@@ -136,15 +136,6 @@
describe '#boards' do
it 'raises an error when attempting to add more than one board to the project' do
expect { }.to raise_error(Project::BoardLimitExceeded, 'Number of permitted boards exceeded')
expect(subject.boards.size).to eq 1
describe 'ci_pipelines association' do
it 'returns only pipelines from ci_sources' do
expect(Ci::Pipeline).to receive(:ci_sources).and_call_original
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