Commit a037a791 authored by Michael Kozono's avatar Michael Kozono
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Setup repositories settings properly

parent 18d8ced20a99
......@@ -440,7 +440,9 @@ def cron_random_weekly_time
Settings.repositories.storages['default']['path'] ||= Settings.gitlab['user_home'] + '/repositories/'
Settings.repositories.storages.values.each do |storage|
Settings.repositories.storages.each do |key, storage|
storage =
# Expand relative paths
storage['path'] = Settings.absolute(storage['path'])
# Set failure defaults
......@@ -454,6 +456,8 @@ def cron_random_weekly_time
storage['failure_reset_time'] = storage['failure_reset_time'].to_i
# We might want to have a timeout shorter than 1 second.
storage['storage_timeout'] = storage['storage_timeout'].to_f
Settings.repositories.storages[key] = storage
......@@ -27,6 +27,15 @@
expect(repository_settings['failure_reset_time']).to eq(1800)
expect(repository_settings['storage_timeout']).to eq(5)
it 'can be accessed with dot syntax all the way down' do
expect(Gitlab.config.repositories.storages.broken.failure_count_threshold).to eq(10)
it 'can be accessed in a very specific way that breaks without reassigning each element with Settingslogic' do
storage_settings = Gitlab.config.repositories.storages['broken']
expect(storage_settings.failure_count_threshold).to eq(10)
describe '#host_without_www' do
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