Commit a0b85374 authored by Georges Racinet's avatar Georges Racinet 🦑
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HgGitRepository: fixing projet path environment variables

Closes #359

branch : heptapod
parent 163b1e67a721
Pipeline #12298 skipped with stages
......@@ -396,13 +396,18 @@ def hg_env_for_write(user, force_system_user: false)
'GL_REPOSITORY' => @gl_repository,
# TODO won't work on hashed storage
'HEPTAPOD_PROJECT_NAMESPACE_FULL_PATH' => @relative_path.rpartition('/')[0],
'HGUSER' => nil,
'HGRCPATH' => Gitlab::Mercurial.hgrc_path
unless @hg_project_for_perms.nil?
'HEPTAPOD_PROJECT_PATH' => @hg_project_for_perms.path,
'HEPTAPOD_PROJECT_NAMESPACE_FULL_PATH' => @hg_project_for_perms.namespace.full_path
if force_system_user
# we need a real user for pre-receive hooks to succeed
# we'll change the display name for clarity, but `id` must
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