Commit a60853fd authored by Han Loong Liauw's avatar Han Loong Liauw
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include created_at date in heading

parent bc1632479af1
......@@ -7,15 +7,21 @@
%span.snippet-id Snippet ##{}
updated by #{link_to_member(@project,, size: 24)}
· created by #{link_to_member(@project,, size: 24)}
= time_ago_with_tooltip(@snippet.updated_at, placement: 'bottom', html_class: 'snippet_updated_ago')
= time_ago_with_tooltip(@snippet.created_at, placement: 'bottom', html_class: 'snippet_updated_ago')
- if @snippet.updated_at != @snippet.created_at
= icon('edit', title: 'edited')
= time_ago_with_tooltip(@snippet.updated_at, placement: 'bottom', html_class: 'snippet_edited_ago')
= link_to new_snippet_path, class: 'btn btn-grouped new-snippet-link', title: "New Snippet" do
= icon('plus')
Add new snippet
new snippet
= link_to "remove", snippet_path(@snippet), method: :delete, data: { confirm: "Are you sure?" }, class: "btn btn-grouped btn-remove", title: 'Delete Snippet'
- if can?(current_user, :update_personal_snippet, @snippet)
= link_to edit_snippet_path(@snippet), class: "btn btn-grouped issuabled-edit" do
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