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Add guide on changing a document's location

## What does this MR do?

Add a documentation styleguide when changing a document's location.

## What are the relevant issue numbers?

See merge request !4624
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[ruby-dl]: "Ruby download website"
## Changing document location
Changing a document's location is not to be taken lightly. Remember that the
documentation is available to all installations under `help/` and not only to or Make sure this is discussed with the
Documentation team beforehand.
If you indeed need to change a document's location, do NOT remove the old
document, but rather put a text in it that points to the new location, like:
This document was moved to [path/to/](path/to/
where `path/to/` is the relative path to the root directory `doc/`.
For example, if you were to move `doc/workflow/lfs/` to
`doc/administration/`, then the steps would be:
1. Copy `doc/workflow/lfs/` to `doc/administration/`
1. Replace the contents of `doc/workflow/lfs/` with:
This document was moved to [administration/](../../administration/
1. Find and replace any occurrences of the old location with the new one.
A quick way to find them is to use `grep`:
grep -nR "" doc/
The above command will search in the `doc/` directory for
`` recursively and will print the file and the line
where this file is mentioned. Note that we used just the filename
(``) and not the whole the relative path
## API
Here is a list of must-have items. Use them in the exact order that appears
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