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Improve Target audience section for issue templates

See merge request gitlab-org/gitlab-ce!24527
......@@ -4,7 +4,30 @@
### Target audience
<!--- For whom are we doing this? Include either a persona from or define a specific company role. e.a. "Release Manager" or "Security Analyst". Use the persona labels as well -->
<!--- For whom are we doing this? Include a [persona](
listed below, if applicable, along with its [label](,
or define a specific company role, e.g. "Release Manager".
Existing personas are: (copy relevant personas out of this comment, and delete any persona that does not apply)
- Parker, Product Manager,
/label ~"Persona: Product Manager"
- Delaney, Development Team Lead,
/label ~"Persona: Development Team Lead"
- Sasha, Software Developer,
/label ~"Persona: Software developer"
- Devon, DevOps Engineer,
/label ~"Persona: DevOps Engineer"
- Sidney, Systems Administrator,
/label ~"Persona: Systems Administrator"
- Sam, Security Analyst,
/label ~"Persona: Security Analyst"
### Further details
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