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Tweak checking branches in Project#open_branches

This changes 4 things:

1. Project#protected_branches_names has been renamed to

2. Project#open_branches uses a Set for the branch names as checking
   values in a Set is faster than checking values in a (large) Array.

3. Some redundant code in Project#open_branches has been removed.

4. Project#protected_branch_names now uses #pluck instead of #map,
   removing the need for loading entire DB records into memory.
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Please view this file on the master branch, on stable branches it's out of date.
v 8.8.0 (unreleased)
- Project#open_branches has been cleaned up and no longer loads entire records into memory.
- Make build status canceled if any of the jobs was canceled and none failed
- Remove future dates from contribution calendar graph.
- Use ActionDispatch Remote IP for Akismet checking
......@@ -735,19 +735,17 @@ def repo_exists?
def open_branches
all_branches = repository.branches
# We're using a Set here as checking values in a large Set is faster than
# checking values in a large Array.
protected_set = Set.new(protected_branch_names)
if protected_branches.present?
all_branches.reject! do |branch|
repository.branches.reject do |branch|
def protected_branches_names
@protected_branches_names ||= protected_branches.map(&:name)
def protected_branch_names
@protected_branch_names ||= protected_branches.pluck(:name)
def root_ref?(branch)
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