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Update gitlab-workhorse and remove mention of gitlab-git-http-server

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......@@ -67,36 +67,23 @@ sudo -u git -H git checkout 8-3-stable-ee
cd /home/git/gitlab-shell
sudo -u git -H git fetch
sudo -u git -H git fetch --all
sudo -u git -H git checkout v2.6.8
### 5. Replace gitlab-git-http-server with gitlab-workhorse
### 5. Update gitlab-workhorse
Install and compile gitlab-workhorse. This requires [Go
1.5]( which should already be on your system
from GitLab 8.1.
cd /home/git
sudo -u git -H git clone
cd gitlab-workhorse
sudo -u git -H git checkout 0.4.2
cd /home/git/gitlab-workhorse
sudo -u git -H git fetch --all
sudo -u git -H git checkout 0.4.3
sudo -u git -H make
Update the GitLab init script and 'default' file.
cd /home/git/gitlab
sudo cp lib/support/init.d/gitlab /etc/init.d/gitlab
test -e /etc/default/gitlab && \
sudo sed -i.pre-8.2 's/^\([^=]*\)gitlab_git_http_server/\1gitlab_workhorse/' /etc/default/gitlab
Make sure that you also update your **NGINX configuration** to use
the new gitlab-workhorse.socket file.
### 6. Install libs, migrations, etc.
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