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Commit bef4294c authored by Jacob Schatz's avatar Jacob Schatz
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Merge branch 'filter-fade-fix' into 'master'

Removed fade when filtering results

## What does this MR do?

Removes the `opacity` change when filtering results seeing as we now do `Turbolinks.visit` it isn't required.

Best way to see issue - filter issues & then go back. Will still have opacity styling.

See merge request !4932
......@@ -59,13 +59,12 @@ issuable_created = false
filterResults: (form) =>
formData = form.serialize()
$('.issues-holder, .merge-requests-holder').css('opacity', '0.5')
formAction = form.attr('action')
issuesUrl = formAction
issuesUrl += ("#{if formAction.indexOf('?') < 0 then '?' else '&'}")
issuesUrl += formData
initChecks: ->
@issuableBulkActions = $('.bulk-update').data('bulkActions')
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