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Document the usage of the Docker OverlayFS driver for every build

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......@@ -250,6 +250,8 @@ By default, when using `docker:dind`, Docker uses the `vfs` storage driver which
copies the filesystem on every run. This is a very disk-intensive operation
which can be avoided if a different driver is used, for example `overlay2`.
### Requirements
1. Make sure a recent kernel is used, preferably `>= 4.2`.
1. Check whether the `overlay` module is loaded:
......@@ -271,14 +273,27 @@ which can be avoided if a different driver is used, for example `overlay2`.
1. Use the driver by defining a variable at the top of your `.gitlab-ci.yml`:
### Use driver per project
> **Note:**
You can enable the driver for each project individually by editing the project's `.gitlab-ci.yml`:
### Use driver for every project
To enable the driver for every project, you can set the environment variable for every build by adding `environment` in the `[[runners]]` section of `config.toml`:
environment = ["DOCKER_DRIVER=overlay2"]
If you're running multiple Runners you will have to modify all configuration files.
> **Notes:**
- More information about the Runner configuration is available in the [Runner documentation](
- For more information about using OverlayFS with Docker, you can read
[Use the OverlayFS storage driver](
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