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......@@ -15,6 +15,15 @@ the exact revision of the main repository in the user help page.
Please read migration instructions in the
[installation notice](
### Heptapod 0.20.0rc1 (2021-02-22)
- heptapod#426: upstream GitLab version jump to 13.9.0
+ Omnibus: Ubuntu 20.04 becomes the main target distribution
+ Docker: Heptapod image now based on Ubuntu 20.04
- heptapod#402: stop using a separate project and repository for
Heptapod Workhorse sources, and bundle them with the Rails application
instead, like upstream is doing.
### Heptapod 0.19.3 (2021-02-12)
- heptapod#422: upstream GitLab update to 13.7.7 (from 13.7.6)
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