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# GitLab
[![build status](](
[![Build Status](](
[![Code Climate](](
[![Coverage Status](](
## Canonical source
The source of GitLab Community Edition is [hosted on]( and there are mirrors to make [contributing]( as easy as possible.
# ![logo]( GitLab
## Open source software to collaborate on code
To see how GitLab looks please see the [features page on our website](
......@@ -23,16 +28,6 @@ There are two editions of GitLab.
*GitLab Enterprise Edition (EE)* includes [extra features]( that are most useful for organizations with more than 100 users.
To use EE and get official support please [become a subscriber](
## Code status
- [![build status](]( on (master branch)
- [![Build Status](](
- [![Code Climate](](
- [![Coverage Status](](
## Website
On []( you can find more information about:
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