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Use a custom ProjectParser#nodes_visible_to_user function so that the user...

Use a custom ProjectParser#nodes_visible_to_user function so that the user permissions for all project references can be checked together
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...@@ -7,10 +7,29 @@ def references_relation ...@@ -7,10 +7,29 @@ def references_relation
Project Project
end end
def nodes_visible_to_user(user, nodes)
nodes_projects_hash = lazy { projects_for_nodes(nodes) }
project_attr = 'data-project'
readable_project_ids = projects_readable_by_user(nodes_projects_hash.values, user) do |node|
if node.has_attribute?(project_attr)
private private
def can_read_reference?(user, ref_project, node) # Returns an Array of Project ids that can be read by the given user.
can?(user, :read_project, ref_project) #
# projects - The projects to reduce down to those readable by the user.
# user - The User for which to check the projects
def projects_readable_by_user(projects, user)
Project.public_or_visible_to_user(user).where(" IN (?)", projects.collect(&:id)).pluck(:id)
end end
end end
end end
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