Commit cf3b149e authored by Sean McGivern's avatar Sean McGivern
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Point group's issues atom feed to group

This was using the user dashboard atom builder template, not one for the
group's issues.
parent 3759991a494a
xml.instruct! xml.instruct!
xml.feed "xmlns" => "", "xmlns:media" => "" do xml.feed "xmlns" => "", "xmlns:media" => "" do
xml.title "#{} issues" xml.title "#{} issues" href: issues_dashboard_url(format: :atom, private_token: @user.private_token), rel: "self", type: "application/atom+xml" href: issues_group_url(format: :atom, private_token: current_user.try(:private_token)), rel: "self", type: "application/atom+xml" href: issues_dashboard_url, rel: "alternate", type: "text/html" href: issues_group_url, rel: "alternate", type: "text/html" issues_dashboard_url issues_group_url
xml.updated @issues.first.created_at.xmlschema if @issues.any? xml.updated @issues.first.created_at.xmlschema if @issues.any?
@issues.each do |issue| @issues.each do |issue|
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