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......@@ -299,11 +299,6 @@ def self.latest_pipeline_per_commit(commits, ref = nil)
def self.latest_for_shas(shas)
max_id_per_sha = for_sha(shas).group(:sha).select("max(id)")
where(id: max_id_per_sha)
def self.latest_successful_ids_per_project'max(id) as id')
comments: false
redirect_to: '../'
# Workflow (Deprecated)
This page was deprecated, with all content previously stored under the `/workflow` path moved
to other locations in the documentation site, organized by topic. You can use the search
box to find the content you are looking for, browse the main [GitLab Documentation page](../,
or view the [issue that deprecated this page](
for more details.
This document was moved to [another location](../
......@@ -1725,17 +1725,6 @@ def create_pipeline(status, ref, sha, project)
describe '.latest_for_shas' do
let(:sha) { 'abc' }
it 'returns latest pipeline for sha' do
create(:ci_pipeline, sha: sha)
pipeline2 = create(:ci_pipeline, sha: sha)
expect(described_class.latest_for_shas(sha)).to contain_exactly(pipeline2)
describe '.latest_successful_ids_per_project' do
let(:projects) { create_list(:project, 2) }
let!(:pipeline1) { create(:ci_pipeline, :success, project: projects[0]) }
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