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Commit e070e216 authored by Bob Van Landuyt's avatar Bob Van Landuyt
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Update failure message when finding new routes in `PathRegex`

parent 9416b6125f4d
......@@ -45,21 +45,16 @@ def failure_message(constant_name, migration_helper, missing_words: [], addition
Found new routes that could cause conflicts with existing namespaced routes
for groups or projects.
Add <#{missing_words.join(', ')}> to `Gitlab::PathRegex::#{constant_name}
to make sure no projects or namespaces can be created with those paths.
To rename any existing records with those paths you can use the
migration helper.
Make sure to make a note of the renamed records in the release blog post.
Nest <#{missing_words.join(', ')}> in a route containing `-`, that way
we know there will be no conflicts with groups or projects created with those
if additional_words.any?
message += <<-ADDITIONAL
Why are <#{additional_words.join(', ')}> in `#{constant_name}`?
Is <#{additional_words.join(', ')}> in `#{constant_name}` required?
If they are really required, update these specs to reflect that.
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