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Please read migration instructions in the
[installation notice](
### Heptapod 0.13.0 (2020-05-29)
#### Major changes since Heptapod 0.12
For more details, see the changelogs related to 0.13.0rcN
- Wikis are fully supported, with Bitbucket import
- Python 3 is supported. Two series of Docker images are available, with
Python 2 the default. The default can change in later 0.13 versions.
Source installation instructions include a recommended
setup to switch Python version easily.
- Heptapod Workhorse is included (Docker) and required (source installs).
This is a major progress in HTTP performance for Mercurial repository content.
- Full support for editing repository files through the web, except with the
Web IDE (problems with branch creation, see heptapod#285).
- GitLab 12.3.9, Mercurial 5.4, hg-evolve 10.0.0.
Mercurial and Python version details are now displayed on the help page and
the admin dashboard.
#### Changes since 0.13.0rc2
- heptapod#280: implementation of server-side rebase (for topics only)
- heptapod#107: restored edit/replace/delete buttons for files. Web IDE not
fully supported
- heptapod#279: Bitbucket import for wikis
- heptapod#284: Prevent merge/accept of Merge Requests targeting topics to
avoid dangerous publications. Proper behaviour to be determined.
### Heptapod 0.13.0rc2 (2020-05-23)
- Python 3 support either from source or with the
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