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INSTALL_HEPTAPOD: migration instructions for this big version jump

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# Heptapod installation guide
## Important: migrating from Heptapod 0.8
Because Heptapod 0.12 is a jump from GitLab CE 10.5 to 12.2, it is not
possible to upgrade directly, because major GitLab version bump must be done
[one at a time](
Instead, the recommended way is to go through a series of Heptapod intermediate
versions that are meant to support the migration only:
- Heptapod 0.9 (GitLab CE 10.8)
- Heptapod 0.10 (GitLab CE 11.0)
- Heptapod 0.11 (Gitlab CE 11.8)
At each step, start the Rails application and wait for the background
migrations to be finished. See GitLab [documentation]( for how to check
For source installs, one only needs to update the Rails application for these
intermediate versions, and it's best not even to start the services that handle
connections from clients (Workhorse, SSH).
For Docker installs, we will provide a series of images tailored for the
migration needs.
**WARNING do not use Heptapod 0.9 to 0.11 for anything but data migration.**
## Installing from source
Heptapod installation is similar to GitLab's except that
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