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Unverified Commit e3fe48b8 authored by Mike Greiling's avatar Mike Greiling
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allow prometheus graphs to handle non-congiuous paths (with NaN, +Inf, and -Inf)

parent 5295e8289085
......@@ -56,12 +56,16 @@ export default function createTimeSeries(queryData, graphWidth, graphHeight, gra
timeSeriesScaleX.ticks(d3.time.minute, 60);
timeSeriesScaleY.domain([0, maxValueFromSeries.maxValue]);
const defined = d => !isNaN(d.value) && d.value != null;
const lineFunction = d3.svg.line()
.x(d => timeSeriesScaleX(d.time))
.y(d => timeSeriesScaleY(d.value));
const areaFunction = d3.svg.area()
.x(d => timeSeriesScaleX(d.time))
.y0(graphHeight - graphHeightOffset)
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