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Commit e61ab4fe authored by Stan Hu's avatar Stan Hu
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Fix project deletion when there is a export available

Project deletions were failing with "Can't modify frozen hash" because:

1. Project#remove_exports was called in the after_destroy hook
2. This would remove the file and update ImportExportUpload
3. ImportExportUpload#save would attempt to write to a destroyed model

To avoid this, we just check if ImportExportUpload has been destroyed
before attempting to save it.

This would have a side effect of not running after_commit hooks to delete the
repository on disk, making it impossible to delete the project entirely.

Closes #52362
parent c15e3eeefa85
......@@ -1789,7 +1789,7 @@ def remove_exports
return unless export_file_exists?
import_export_upload.remove_export_file! unless import_export_upload.destroyed?
def export_file_exists?
title: Fix project deletion when there is a export available
merge_request: 22276
type: fixed
......@@ -65,10 +65,12 @@
context 'Sidekiq inline' do
before do
# Run sidekiq immediatly to check that renamed repository will be removed
# Run sidekiq immediately to check that renamed repository will be removed
perform_enqueued_jobs { destroy_project(project, user, {}) }
it_behaves_like 'deleting the project'
context 'when has remote mirrors' do
let!(:project) do
create(:project, :repository, namespace: user.namespace).tap do |project|
......@@ -82,13 +84,28 @@
it_behaves_like 'deleting the project'
it 'invalidates personal_project_count cache' do
expect(user).to receive(:invalidate_personal_projects_count)
destroy_project(project, user)
context 'when project has exports' do
let!(:project_with_export) do
create(:project, :repository, namespace: user.namespace).tap do |project|
project: project,
export_file: fixture_file_upload('spec/fixtures/project_export.tar.gz'))
let!(:async) { true }
it 'destroys project and export' do
expect { destroy_project(project_with_export, user) }.to change(ImportExportUpload, :count).by(-1)
expect(Project.all).not_to include(project_with_export)
context 'Sidekiq fake' do
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