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Add Troubleshooting section to Install guide

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......@@ -518,3 +518,13 @@ You also need to change the corresponding options (e.g. `ssh_user`, `ssh_host`,
### Additional Markup Styles
Apart from the always supported markdown style there are other rich text files that GitLab can display. But you might have to install a dependency to do so. Please see the [github-markup gem readme]( for more information.
## Troubleshooting
### "You appear to have cloned an empty repository."
If you see this message when attempting to clone a repository hosted by GitLab,
this is likely due to a missing or misconfigured `gitlab-git-http-server`
instance. Double-check that you've [installed Go](#3-go), [installed
gitlab-git-http-server](#install-gitlab-git-http-server), and correctly
[configured Nginx](#site-configuration).
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