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Commit ebf897e9 authored by Sean McGivern's avatar Sean McGivern
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Fix import helper spec when a previous spec stubs settings

This should use stub_omniauth_setting, not do it manually.
parent ee6047de4666
......@@ -28,12 +28,10 @@
describe '#provider_project_link' do
context 'when provider is "github"' do
let(:github_server_url) { nil }
let(:provider) { 'github', url: github_server_url) }
before do
setting ='name' => 'github')
setting['url'] = github_server_url if github_server_url
allow(Gitlab.config.omniauth).to receive(:providers).and_return([setting])
stub_omniauth_setting(providers: [provider])
context 'when provider does not specify a custom URL' do
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