Commit aab679bf authored by Mark Chao's avatar Mark Chao
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Combine two updates in one query

parent cb4e94a4f05e
......@@ -95,8 +95,7 @@
unless: :ci_cd_settings,
if: proc { ProjectCiCdSetting.available? }
after_create :set_last_activity_at
after_create :set_last_repository_updated_at
after_create :set_timestamps_for_create
after_update :update_forks_visibility_level
before_destroy :remove_private_deploy_keys
......@@ -2102,13 +2101,8 @@
gitlab_shell.exists?(repository_storage, "#{disk_path}.git")
# set last_activity_at to the same as created_at
def set_last_activity_at
update_column(:last_activity_at, self.created_at)
def set_last_repository_updated_at
update_column(:last_repository_updated_at, self.created_at)
def set_timestamps_for_create
update_columns(last_activity_at: self.created_at, last_repository_updated_at: self.created_at)
def cross_namespace_reference?(from)
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