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......@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ If you add a dependency in GitLab (such as an operating system package) please c
1. [Shell commands](doc/development/ created by GitLab contributors to enhance security
1. [Markdown](
1. [Database Migrations](doc/development/
1. [Documentation styleguide](gitlab-ce/
1. [Documentation styleguide](
1. Interface text should be written subjectively instead of objectively. It should be the gitlab core team addressing a person. It should be written in present time and never use past tense (has been/was). For example instead of "prohibited this user from being saved due to the following errors:" the text should be "sorry, we could not create your account because:". Also these [excellent writing guidelines](
This is also the style used by linting tools such as [RuboCop](, [PullReview]( and [Hound CI](
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