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INSTALL_HEPTAPOD: adopted and updated the pip requirements file

It was previously shipping within heptapod-docker, which is
awkward now that we have installations from source.

The provided versions are those for 0.12.0rc1

branch : heptapod
parent 9a7c95b39b83
......@@ -77,9 +77,12 @@ dependencies, it's very unlikely it'll clash with system libraries) or with
`pip install --user` or in a virtualenv. What matters for proper operation is
that they are all importable from the final Mercurial executable.
The Python packages to be taken from are already listed alongside the
just use that, but be sure to take it from the same tag as the sources.
Install the Python packages to be taken from using the
[requirements file](python/requirements.txt):
pip install -U -r python/requirements.txt
Then install from the following Mercurial URLs:
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