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......@@ -200,3 +200,7 @@ Consider creating a post on Hacker News.
## Update with the stable version
- Deploy the package (should not need downtime because of the small difference with RC1)
## Release new AMIs
[Follow this guide](
......@@ -54,3 +54,4 @@ CE=false be rake release['x.x.x']
1. Create and publish a blog post, see [patch release blog template](
1. Send tweets about the release from `@gitlab`, tweet should include the most important feature that the release is addressing and link to the blog post
1. Note in the 'GitLab X.X regressions' issue that the patch was published (CE only)
1. [Create new AMIs](
......@@ -18,6 +18,7 @@ Please report suspected security vulnerabilities in private to <support@gitlab.c
1. Do the steps from [patch release document](doc/release/, starting with "Create an issue on private GitLab development server"
1. The MR with the security fix should get a 'security' label and be assigned to the release manager
1. Build the package for and do a deploy
1. [Create new AMIs](
1. Create feature branches for the blog post on and link them from the code branch
1. Merge and publish the blog posts
1. Send tweets about the release from `@gitlabhq`
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