Commit f20eadcb authored by Z.J. van de Weg's avatar Z.J. van de Weg
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Fix faulty deployment refs

In the 8.13 RC cycle, so before the release, there was a time in which
references in git where stored by id instead of iid. This could be fixed
by time, if the iid catches up with the id, it overwrites it. But in the
mean time we have wrong refs in the folder.

This commit fixes that. For all projects we have deployments we'll find
the ones where the ref has a higher number than the iid is now and calls
`#create_ref` on the corresponding deployment.
parent feb096874734
......@@ -91,5 +91,28 @@ namespace :gitlab do
puts "To block these users run this command with BLOCK=true".color(:yellow)
# This is a rake task which removes faulty refs. These refs where only
# created in the 8.13.RC cycle, and fixed in the stable builds which were
# released. So likely this should only be run once on
# Faulty refs are moved so they are kept around, else some features break.
desc 'GitLab | Cleanup | Remove faulty deployment refs'
task move_faulty_deployment_refs: :environment do
projects = Project.where(id:
projects.find_each do |project|
rugged = project.repository.rugged
max_iid = project.deployments.maximum(:iid)
rugged.references.each('refs/environments/**/*') do |ref|
id ='/').last.to_i
next unless id > max_iid
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