Commit f2a817f0 authored by Leo Antunes's avatar Leo Antunes
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do not prepend relative_url_root to avatar

The variable contains a full URL, which gets broken
when prepended by the relative_url_root setting (generating hrefs like
parent 49de830f65d2
......@@ -214,7 +214,7 @@ class @BranchGraph
stroke: @colors[]
"stroke-width": 2
r.image(gon.relative_url_root +, avatar_box_x, avatar_box_y, 20, 20)
r.image(, avatar_box_x, avatar_box_y, 20, 20)
r.text(@offsetX + @unitSpace * @mspace + 35, y, commit.message.split("\n")[0]).attr(
"text-anchor": "start"
font: "14px Monaco, monospace"
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