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documentation](doc/development/ for instructions on adding your own
## 12.4.0
### Security (14 changes)
- HTML-escape search term in empty message. !18319
- Fix private feature Elasticsearch leak.
- Prevent bypassing email verification using Salesforce.
- Fix new project path being disclosed through unsubscribe link of issue/merge requests.
- Do not show resource label events referencing not accessible labels.
- Check permissions before showing head pipeline blocking merge requests.
- Cancel all running CI jobs triggered by the user who is just blocked.
- Do not disclose project milestones on group milestones page when project milestones access is disabled in project settings.
- Display only participants that user has permission to see on milestone page.
- Fix Gitaly SearchBlobs flag RPC injection.
- Add a policy check for system notes that may not be visible due to cross references to private items.
- Limit search for IID to a type to avoid leaking records with the same IID that the user does not have access to.
- Prevent GitLab accounts takeover if SAML is configured.
- Only render fixed number of mermaid blocks.
### Fixed (103 changes, 12 of them are from the community)
- When user toggles task list item, keep details open until user closes the details manually. !16153
- Fix formatting welcome screen external users. !16667
- Fix signup link in admin area not being disabled. !16726 (Illya Klymov)
- Fix routing bugs in security dashboards. !16738
- Fix Jira integration favicon image with relative URL. !16802
- Add timeout mechanism for CI config validation. !16807
- Fix for count in todo badge when user has over 1,000 todos. Will now correctly display todo count after user marks some todos as done. !16844 (Jesse Hall @jessehall3)
- Naming a project "shared" will no longer automatically open the "Shared Projects" tab. !16847 (Jesse Hall @jessehall3)
- Adds the ability to delete single tags from the docker registry. Fix the issue that caused all related tags and image to be deleted at the same time. !16886
- Changed confidential quick action to only be available on non confidential issues. !16902 (Marc Schwede)
- Stop sidebar icons from jumping when expanded & collapsed. !16971
- Set name and updated_at properly in GitHub ReleaseImporter. !17020
- Remove thin white line at top of diff view code blocks. !17026
- Show correct CI indicator when build succeeded with warnings. !17034
- Create a persistent ref per pipeline for keeping pipelines run from force-push and merged results. !17043
- Move SMAU usage counters to the UsageData count field. !17074
- Allow maintainers to toggle write permission for public deploy keys. !17210
- Fix GraphQL for read-only instances. !17225
- Fix visibility level error when updating group from API. !17227 (Mathieu Parent)
- Fix stylelint errors in epics.scss. !17243
- Fix new discussion replies sometimes showing up twice. !17255
- Adjust unnapliable suggestions in expanded lines. !17286
- Show all groups user belongs to in Notification settings. !17303
- Alphabetically sorts selected sidebar labels. !17309
- Show issue weight when weight is 0. !17329 (briankabiro)
- Generate LFS token authorization for user LFS requests. !17332
- Backfill releases table updated_at column and add not null constraints to created_at and updated_at. !17400
- Log Sidekiq exceptions properly in JSON format. !17412
- Redo fix for related issues border radius. !17480
- Show the original branch name and link of merge request in pipeline emails. !17513
- Fixes issues with the security reports migration. !17519
- Users can view the blame or history of a file with newlines in its filename. !17543 (Jesse Hall @jessehall3)
- Display reCAPTCHA modal when making issue public. !17553
- Fix css selector for details in issue description. !17557
- Prevents a group path change when a project inside the group has container registry images. !17583
- Show 20 labels in dropdown instead of 5. !17596
- Nullify platform Kubernetes namespace if blank. !17657
- Fix Issue: WebIDE asks for confirmation to leave the page when committing and creating a new MR. !17671
- Catch unhandled exceptions in health checks. !17694
- Suppress error messages shown when navigating to a new page. !17706
- Specify sort order explicitly for Group and Project audit events. !17739
- Merge Request: Close JIRA issues when issues are disabled. !17743
- Disable gitlab-workhorse static error page on health endpoints. !17770
- Fix notes race condition when linking to specific note. !17777
- Fix relative positioning when moving items down and there is no space. !17781
- Fix project imports for pipelines for merge requests. !17799
- Increase the limit of includes in CI file to 100. !17807
- Geo: Fix race condition for container synchronization. !17823
- Geo: Invalidate cache after refreshing foreign tables. !17885
- Abort Merge When Pipeline Succeeds when Fast Forward merge is impossible. !17886
- Fix viewing merge reqeust from a fork that's being deleted. !17894
- Fix empty security dashboard for public projects. !17915
- Fix inline rendering of videos for uploads with uppercase file extensions. !17924
- Hide redundant labels in issue boards. !17937
- Time window filter in monitor dashboard gets reset. !17972
- Use cache_method_asymmetrically with Repository#has_visible_content?. !17975
- Allow users to compare Git revisions on a read-only instance. !18038
- Enable Google API retries for uploads. !18040
- Fix bug with new wiki not being indexed. !18051
- Stops the expand button in reports from expanding. !18064
- Make sure project insights stick on its own. !18082
- Embed metrics time window scroll no longer affects other embeds. !18109
- Fix broken notes avatar rendering in Chrome 77. !18110
- Ignore incoming emails with X-Autoreply header. !18118
- Enable grid, frame and stripes styling on AsciiDoc tables. !18165 (Guillaume Grossetie)
- Add backend support for selecting custom templates by ID. !18178
- Fix notifications for private group mentions in Notes, Issues, and Merge Requests. !18183
- Do not strip forwarded message body when creating an issue from Service Desk email. !18196
- Fix protected branch detection used by notification service. !18221
- Fix error where helper was incorrectly returning `true`. !18231
- Adjust placeholder to solve misleading regex. !18235
- Fix Flaky spec/finders/members_finder_spec.rb:85. !18257 (Jacopo Beschi @jacopo-beschi)
- Fix 500 error on clicking to LetsEncrypt Terms of Service. !18263
- Fix error tracking table layout on small screens. !18325
- GitHub import: Handle nil published_at dates. !18355
- Do not allow deactivated users to use slash commands. !18365
- Fix creating epics with dates from api. !18393
- JIRA Service: Improve username/email validation. !18397
- Stopped CRD apply retrying from allowing silent failures. !18421
- Fix erroneous "No activities found" message. !18434
- Support ES searches for project snippets. !18459
- Fix styling of set status emoji picker. !18509
- Fix showing diff when it has legacy diff notes. !18510
- JIRA Integration API URL works having a trailing slash. !18526
- Fixes embedded metrics chart tooltip spacing. !18543
- Fix pod logs failure when pod contains more than 1 container. !18574
- Prevent the slash command parser from removing leading whitespace from content that is unrelated to slash commands. !18589 (Jared Deckard)
- Fix inability to set snippet visibility via API. !18612
- Fix Web IDE tree not updating modified status. !18647
- Fix button link foreground color. !18669
- Resolve missing design system notes icons. !18693
- Remove duplicate primary button in dashboard snippets. !32048 (George Tsiolis)
- Allow to view productivity analytics page without a license. !33876
- Fix container registry delete tag modal title and button. !34032
- Fixes variables overflowing in sm screens.
- Update top nav bar to fit all content in at all screen sizes.
- Fix permissions for group milestones.
- Removes Collapsible Sections from Job Log.
- Fixes job overflow in stages dropdown.
- Fix moved help URL for monitoring performance.
- Fix issue with wiki TOC links being treated as external links. (Oren Kanner)
- Show error message when setting an invalid group ID for the performance bar.
### Deprecated (1 change)
- Removing cleanup:repo, cleanup:dirs. !18087
### Changed (51 changes, 3 of them are from the community)
- Links on Releases page to commits and tags. !16128
- Add status to deployments and state to environments in API responses. !16242
- Use search scope label in empty results message. !16324
- Add step 2 of the experimental signup flow. !16583
- Add property to enable metrics dashboards to be rearranged. !16605
- Allow intra-project MR dependencies. !16799
- Use scope param instead of hide_dismissed. !16834
- Add empty state in file search. !16851
- Warn before applying issue templates. !16865
- MR Test Summary now shows errors as failures. !17039
- Add support for the association of multiple milestones to the Releases page. !17091
- Display if an issue was moved in issue list. !17102
- Improve UI for admin/projects and group/settings/projects pages. !17247
- Update registry tag delete popup message. !17257
- Show the "Set up CI/CD" prompt in empty repositories when applicable. !17274 (Ben McCormick)
- Knative version bump 0.6 -> 0.7. !17367 (Chris Baumbauer)
- Fix usability problems with the file template picker. !17522
- Make commit status created for any pipelines. !17524 (Aufar Gilbran)
- Add warnings to performance bar when page shows signs of poor performance. !17612
- Banners should only be dismissable by clicking x button. !17642
- Changes response body of liveness check to be more accurate. !17655
- Enable Request Access functionality by default for new projects and groups. !17662
- Add more attributes to issues GraphQL endpoint. !17802
- Improve admin/system_info page ui. !17829
- Adds management project for a cluster. !17866
- Upgrade gitlab-workhorse to 8.12.0. !17892
- Geo: Fix instruction from rake geo:gitlab:check. !17895
- Upgrade to Gitaly v1.66.0. !17900
- Do not start mirroring via API when paused. !17930
- Use MR links in PipelinePresenter#ref_text for branch pipelines. !17947
- Avoid knative and prometheus uninstall race condition. !18020
- Deprecate usage of state column for issues and merge requests. !18099
- Add missing page title to projects/container-registry. !18114
- Port over EE pipeline functionality to CE. !18136
- Aggregate push events when there are too many. !18239
- Cleanup background migrations for any approval rules. !18256
- Container registry tag(s) delete button pluralization. !18260
- Create clusters with VPC-Native enabled. !18284
- Update cluster link text. !18322
- Upgrade to Gitaly v1.67.0. !18326
- Improve UI of documentation under /help. !18331
- Cross-link unreplicated Geo types to issues. !18443
- Make designs read-only if the issue has been moved, or if its discussion has been locked. !18551
- Do not show new issue button on archived projects. !18590
- Increase group avatar size to 40px. !18654
- Sort vulnerabilities by severity then confidence for dashboard and pipeline views. !18675
- Add timeouts for each RPC call. !31766
- Add more specific message to clarify the role of empty images in container registry. !32919
- Embed Jaeger in Gitlab UI.
- Use text instead of icon for recent searches dropdown.
- Export liveness and readiness probes.
### Performance (25 changes, 1 of them is from the community)
- Limit diverging commit counts requests. !16737
- Use GetBlobs RPC for uri type. !16824
- Reduce Gitaly calls when viewing a commit. !17095
- Limit snippets search count. !17585
- Narrow snippet search scope in !17625
- Handle wiki and graphql attachments in gitlab-workhorse. !17690
- Reduce lock contention of deployment creation by allocating IID outside of the pipeline transaction. !17696
- Update PumaWorkerKiller defaults. !17758
- Add trigram index on snippet content. !17806
- Fix Gitaly N+1 queries in related merge requests API. !17850
- Don't execute webhooks/services when above limit. !17874
- Only schedule updating push-mirrors once per push. !17902
- Show only personal snippets on explore page. !18092
- Priority bump authorized_projects sidekiq queue. !18125
- Avoid dumping files on disk when direct_upload is enabled. !18135
- Check if mapping is empty before caching in File Collections. !18290 (briankabiro)
- Avoid unnecessary locks on internal_ids. !18328
- Fix N+1 queries in Jira Development Panel API endpoint. !18329
- Optimize SQL requests for BlameController and CommitsController. !18342
- Remove N+1 for fetching commits signatures. !18389
- Reduce idle in transaction time when updating a merge request. !18493
- Use cascading deletes for deleting logs upon deleting a webhook. !18642
- Replace index on ci_triggers. !18652
- Hide license breakdown in /admin if user count is high. !18825
- Cache branch and tag names as Redis sets. !30476
### Added (78 changes, 12 of them are from the community)
- Adds sorting of packages at the project level. !15448
- Add projects.only option to Insights. !15930
- Add kubernetes section to group runner settings. !16338
- Enable Cloud Run on GKE cluster creation. !16566
- Add file matching rule to flexible CI rules. !16574
- Enable preview of private artifacts. !16675 (Tuomo Ala-Vannesluoma)
- Upgrade Gitaly to v1.64. !16788
- Render xml artifact files in GitLab. !16790
- Add GitHub & Gitea importers project filtering. !16823
- Add project filtering to Bitbucket Cloud import. !16828
- Provides internationalization support to chart legends. !16832
- Expose name property in imports API. !16848
- Add allowFilter and allowAnySHA1InWant for partial clones. !16850
- [ObjectStorage] Allow migrating back to local storage. !16868
- Require admins to enter admin-mode by re-authenticating before performing administrative operations. !16981 (Roger Rüttimann & Diego Louzán)
- Deactivate a user (with self-service reactivation). !17037
- Add database tables to store AWS roles and cluster providers. !17057
- Collect docker registry related metrics. !17063
- Allow releases to be targeted by URL anchor links on the Releases page. !17150
- Add project_pages_metadata DB table. !17197
- Add index on ci_builds for successful Pages deploys. !17204
- Creation of Evidence collection of new releases. !17217
- API: Add missing group parameters. !17220 (Mathieu Parent)
- Allow to exclude ancestor groups on group labels API. !17221 (Mathieu Parent)
- Added 'copy link' in epic comment dropdown. !17224
- Add columns for per project/group max pages/artifacts sizes. !17231
- Create table for grafana api token for metrics embeds. !17234
- Add proper label REST API for update, delete and promote. !17239 (Mathieu Parent)
- Allow cross-project pipeline triggering with CI_JOB_TOKEN in core. !17251
- Add user_id and created_at columns to design_management_versions table. !17316
- Add pull_mirror_branch_prefix column on projects table. !17368
- Expose web_url for epics on API. !17380
- Improve time window filtering on metrics dashboard. !17554
- Group level Container Registry browser. !17615
- Add API for manually creating and updating deployments. !17620
- Introduce diffs_batch JSON endpoint for paginated diffs. !17651
- Web IDE button should fork and open forked project when selected from read-only project. !17672
- Allow users to be searched with a @ prefix. !17742
- Add individual inherited member lookup API. !17744
- Preserve custom .gitlab-ci.yml config path when forking. !17817 (Mathieu Parent)
- Introduce CI_PROJECT_TITLE as predefined environment variable. !17849 (Nejc Habjan)
- Feature enabling embedded audio elements in markdown. !17860 (Jesse Hall @jessehall3)
- Add 'New release' to the project custom notifications. !17877
- Added timestamps (created_at and updated_at) to API pipelines response. !17911
- Added timestamp (updated_at) to API deployments response. !17913
- Add pipeline preparing status icons. !17923
- Creates Vue and Vuex app to render exposed artifacts. !17934
- Add web_exporter to expose Prometheus metrics. !17943
- Schedule background migration to populate pages metadata. !17993
- Add "Edit Release" page. !18033
- Unpin ingress image version, upgrade chart to 1.22.1. !18047
- Adds sorting of packages at the group level. !18062
- Introduce a lightweight diffs_metadata endpoint. !18104
- Limit the number of comments on an issue, MR, or commit. !18111
- Introduce new Ansi2json parser to convert job logs to JSON. !18133
- Use new Ansi2json job log converter via feature flag. !18134
- Snowplow custom events for Monitor: Health Product Categories. !18157
- Support Create/Read/Destroy operations in Feature Flag API. !18198
- Add two new predefined stages to pipelines. !18205
- Add endpoint to proxy requests to grafana's proxy endpoint. !18210
- Add ability to query todos using GraphQL. !18218
- Include in the callout message a list of jobs that caused missing dependencies failure. !18219
- Adds login input with copy box and supporting copy to empty container registry view. !18244 (nate geslin)
- Add max_artifacts_size fields under project and group settings. !18286
- Provide Merge requests and Issue links through the Release API. !18311
- Adds separate parsers for mentions of users, groups, projects in markdown content. !18318
- Add matching branch info to branch column. !18352
- Users can preview audio files in a repository. !18354 (Jesse Hall @jessehall3)
- Add edit button to release blocks on Releases page. !18411
- Add "Custom HTTP Git clone URL root" setting. !18422
- Add support for epic update through GraphQL API. !18440
- Expose subscribed attribute for epic on API. !18475
- Geo: Enable replicating uploads, LFS objects, and artifacts in Object Storage. !18482
- Show related merge requests in pipeline view. !18697
- Allow users to configure protected paths from Admin panel. !31246
- persist the refs when open the link of refs in a new tab of browser. !31998 (minghuan lei)
- Add first_parent option to list commits api. !32410 (jhenkens)
- Allow users to add and remove zoom rooms on an issue using quick action commands.
### Other (23 changes, 5 of them are from the community)
- Sync issuables state_id with null values. !16480
- Experimental separate sign up flow. !16482
- Upgrade Rouge to v3.11.0. !17011
- Better job naming for Docker.gitlab-ci.yml. !17218 (
- Update GitLab Runner Helm Chart to 0.9.0. !17326
- Change welcome message and make translatable. !17391
- Remove map-get($grid-breakpoints, xs) for max-width. !17420 (Takuya Noguchi)
- Document Git LFS and max file size interaction. !17609
- Refactor email notification code. !17741 (briankabiro)
- Ignore id column of ci_build_trace_sections table. !17805
- Extend graphql query endpoint for merge requests to return more attributes to support sidebar implementation. !17813
- Project list: Align star icons. !17833
- Moves the license compliance reports to the Backend. !17905
- Fixes wrong link on Protected paths admin settings. !17945
- Update Pages to v1.11.0. !18010
- Refactor checksum code in uploads. !18065 (briankabiro)
- Make instance configuration user friendly. !18363 (Takuya Noguchi)
- Update Workhorse to v8.14.0. !18391
- Attribute each Sidekiq worker to a feature category. !18462
- Update GitLab Shell to v10.2.0. !18735
- Use correct icons for issue actions.
- Increase color contrast of select option path.
- Remove Postgresql specific setup tasks and move to schema.rb.
## 12.3.4
### Fixed (2 changes)
import _ from 'underscore';
import { GlDropdown, GlDropdownDivider, GlDropdownItem } from '@gitlab/ui';
const isValidItem = item =>
_.isString(item.eventName) && _.isString(item.title) && _.isString(item.description);
export default {
components: {
props: {
actionItems: {
type: Array,
required: true,
validator(value) {
return value.length > 1 && value.every(isValidItem);
menuClass: {
type: String,
required: false,
default: '',
data() {
return {
selectedItem: this.actionItems[0],
computed: {
dropdownToggleText() {
return this.selectedItem.title;
methods: {
triggerEvent() {
:menu-class="`dropdown-menu-selectable ${menuClass}`"
<template v-for="(item, itemIndex) in actionItems">
:active="selectedItem === item"
@click="selectedItem = item"
<strong>{{ item.title }}</strong>
<div>{{ item.description }}</div>
v-if="itemIndex < actionItems.length - 1"
......@@ -506,7 +506,8 @@
.dropdown-menu-selectable {
li {
button {
.dropdown-item {
padding: 8px 40px;
position: relative;
......@@ -1081,7 +1081,7 @@ def mergeable_ci_state?
return true unless project.only_allow_merge_if_pipeline_succeeds?
return false unless actual_head_pipeline
actual_head_pipeline.success? || actual_head_pipeline.skipped?
def environments_for(current_user)
......@@ -75,11 +75,11 @@ def attachments
def activity
title: s_("ChatMessage|Pipeline %{pipeline_link} of %{ref_type} %{branch_link} by %{user_combined_name} %{humanized_status}") %
title: s_("ChatMessage|Pipeline %{pipeline_link} of %{ref_type} %{ref_link} by %{user_combined_name} %{humanized_status}") %
pipeline_link: pipeline_link,
ref_type: ref_type,
branch_link: branch_link,
ref_link: ref_link,
user_combined_name: user_combined_name,
humanized_status: humanized_status
......@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ def attachments_fields
fields = [
title: ref_type == "tag" ? s_("ChatMessage|Tag") : s_("ChatMessage|Branch"),
value: Slack::Notifier::LinkFormatter.format(ref_name_link),
value: Slack::Notifier::LinkFormatter.format(ref_link),
short: true
......@@ -141,12 +141,12 @@ def attachments_fields
def message
s_("ChatMessage|%{project_link}: Pipeline %{pipeline_link} of %{ref_type} %{branch_link} by %{user_combined_name} %{humanized_status} in %{duration}") %
s_("ChatMessage|%{project_link}: Pipeline %{pipeline_link} of %{ref_type} %{ref_link} by %{user_combined_name} %{humanized_status} in %{duration}") %
project_link: project_link,
pipeline_link: pipeline_link,
ref_type: ref_type,
branch_link: branch_link,
ref_link: ref_link,
user_combined_name: user_combined_name,
humanized_status: humanized_status,
duration: pretty_duration(duration)
......@@ -193,12 +193,16 @@ def attachment_color
def branch_url
def ref_url
if ref_type == 'tag'
def branch_link
def ref_link
def project_url
......@@ -266,14 +270,6 @@ def commit_link
def commits_page_url
def ref_name_link
def author_url
return unless user && committer
......@@ -82,16 +82,20 @@ def removed_branch?
def branch_url
def ref_url
if ref_type == 'tag'
def compare_url
def branch_link
def ref_link
def project_link
......@@ -104,11 +108,11 @@ def compare_link
def compose_action_details
if new_branch?
['pushed new', branch_link, "to #{project_link}"]
['pushed new', ref_link, "to #{project_link}"]
elsif removed_branch?
['removed', ref, "from #{project_link}"]
['pushed to', branch_link, "of #{project_link} (#{compare_link})"]
['pushed to', ref_link, "of #{project_link} (#{compare_link})"]
title: Hide redundant labels in issue boards
merge_request: 17937
type: fixed
title: Add projects.only option to Insights
merge_request: 15930
type: added
title: Fix stylelint errors in epics.scss
merge_request: 17243
type: fixed
title: Fix routing bugs in security dashboards
merge_request: 16738
type: fixed
title: Adjust placeholder to solve misleading regex
merge_request: 18235
type: fixed
title: Specify sort order explicitly for Group and Project audit events
merge_request: 17739
type: fixed
title: Refactor checksum code in uploads
merge_request: 18065
author: briankabiro
type: other
title: Fix pod logs failure when pod contains more than 1 container
merge_request: 18574
type: fixed
title: Show issue weight when weight is 0
merge_request: 17329
author: briankabiro
type: fixed
title: Fix creating epics with dates from api
merge_request: 18393
type: fixed
title: Fix empty security dashboard for public projects
merge_request: 17915
type: fixed
title: Add user_id and created_at columns to design_management_versions table
merge_request: 17316
type: added
title: Make designs read-only if the issue has been moved, or if its discussion has been locked