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Update discord notification service

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......@@ -19,7 +19,7 @@ def help
"This service sends notifications about projects events to Discord channels.<br />
To set up this service:
<li><a href='ADD-DISCORD-LINK-HERE'>Setup a custom Incoming Webhook</a>.</li>
<li><a href=''>Setup a custom Incoming Webhook</a>.</li>
<li>Paste the <strong>Webhook URL</strong> into the field below.</li>
<li>Select events below to enable notifications.</li>
......@@ -30,9 +30,11 @@ def webhook_placeholder
def event_field(event)
# No-op.
def default_channel_placeholder
# No-op.
def default_fields
......@@ -47,13 +49,9 @@ def default_fields
def notify(message, opts)
client = webhook)
client.execute do |builder|
builder.content = message.pretext
# builder.add_embed do |embed|
# embed.title = 'Embed title'
# embed.description = 'Embed description'
# embed.timestamp =
# end
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