Commit 5303ee92 authored by James Lopez's avatar James Lopez
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Add ci_cd_settings delete_all dependency on project

parent 4f5f39ae5114
......@@ -234,7 +234,7 @@
has_many :custom_attributes, class_name: 'ProjectCustomAttribute'
has_many :project_badges, class_name: 'ProjectBadge'
has_one :ci_cd_settings, class_name: 'ProjectCiCdSetting', inverse_of: :project, autosave: true
has_one :ci_cd_settings, class_name: 'ProjectCiCdSetting', inverse_of: :project, autosave: true, dependent: :destroy # rubocop:disable Cop/ActiveRecordDependent
accepts_nested_attributes_for :variables, allow_destroy: true
accepts_nested_attributes_for :project_feature, update_only: true
title: Resolve Import/Export ci_cd_settings error updating the project
merge_request: 46049
type: fixed
......@@ -101,6 +101,14 @@
context 'updating cd_cd_settings' do
it 'does not raise an error' do
project = create(:project)
expect{ project.update(ci_cd_settings: nil) }.not_to raise_exception
describe '#members & #requesters' do
let(:project) { create(:project, :public, :access_requestable) }
let(:requester) { create(:user) }
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