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Explain what the regression label means

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### After the 7th
Once the stable branch is frozen, only fixes for regressions (bugs introduced in that same release)
Once the stable branch is frozen, only fixes for [regressions](#regressions)
and security issues will be cherry-picked into the stable branch.
Any merge requests cherry-picked into the stable branch for a previous release will also be picked into the latest stable branch.
These fixes will be shipped in the next RC for that release if it is before the 22nd.
......@@ -158,6 +158,24 @@ release should have the correct milestone assigned _and_ have the label
Merge requests without a milestone and this label will
not be merged into any stable branches.
### Regressions
A regression for a particular monthly release is a bug that exists in that
release, but wasn't present in the release before. This includes bugs in
features that were only added in that monthly release. Every regression **must**
have the milestone of the release it was introduced in - if a regression doesn't
have a milestone, it might be 'just' a bug!
For instance, if 10.5.0 adds a feature, and that feature doesn't work correctly,
then this is a regression in 10.5. If 10.5.1 then fixes that, but 10.5.3 somehow
reintroduces the bug, then this bug is still a regression in 10.5.
Because runs release candidates of new releases, a regression can be
reported in a release before its 'official' release date on the 22nd of the
month. When we say 'the most recent monthly release', this can refer to either
the version currently running on, or the most recent version
available in the package repositories.
## Release retrospective and kickoff
### Retrospective
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