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Commit fd0aa35d authored by Fatih Acet's avatar Fatih Acet
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Merge branch '19184-turn-off-autocomplete-on-label-dropdown-for-issues-mr-s' into 'master'

Disabled native autocomplete for dropdown filter inputs

## What does this MR do?

Disables native autocomplete for the dropdown filter inputs.

## Are there points in the code the reviewer needs to double check?

Did we want this on all dropdown filter inputs? The issue specifies only the 'label' filter input but I think it is relevant for any filter input?

## Why was this MR needed?

No need for native autocomplete.

## What are the relevant issue numbers?

Closes #19184

## Screenshots (if relevant)

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- Tests
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See merge request !4974
......@@ -69,7 +69,7 @@ def dropdown_title(title, back: false)
def dropdown_filter(placeholder, search_id: nil)
content_tag :div, class: "dropdown-input" do
filter_output = search_field_tag search_id, nil, class: "dropdown-input-field", placeholder: placeholder
filter_output = search_field_tag search_id, nil, class: "dropdown-input-field", placeholder: placeholder, autocomplete: 'off'
filter_output << icon('search', class: "dropdown-input-search")
filter_output << icon('times', class: "dropdown-input-clear js-dropdown-input-clear", role: "button")
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