Commit fec40d78 authored by Filipa Lacerda's avatar Filipa Lacerda
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Merge branch 'emoji-menu-duplicated-search-icon' into 'master'

Removes the duplicated search icon in emoji menu

Closes #30416 and #30016

See merge request !10472
......@@ -476,10 +476,10 @@ AwardsHandler.prototype.setupSearch = function setupSearch() {
this.registerEventListener('on', $('input.emoji-search'), 'input', (e) => {
const term = $(;
// Clean previous search results
$('ul.emoji-menu-search, h5.emoji-search').remove();
$('ul.emoji-menu-search, h5.emoji-search-title').remove();
if (term.length > 0) {
// Generate a search result block
const h5 = $('<h5 class="emoji-search" />').text('Search results');
const h5 = $('<h5 class="emoji-search-title"/>').text('Search results');
const foundEmojis = this.searchEmojis(term).show();
const ul = $('<ul>').addClass('emoji-menu-list emoji-menu-search').append(foundEmojis);
$('.emoji-menu-content ul, .emoji-menu-content h5').hide();
title: Removed the duplicated search icon in the award emoji menu
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