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Export integration test and attribute change spec - squashed

Export file integration test that checks for sensitive info.
Also added spec to check new added attributes to models that
can be exported.
parent 0924e33cf45c
require 'spec_helper'
feature 'project export', feature: true, js: true do
include Select2Helper
let(:user) { create(:admin) }
let(:export_path) { "#{Dir::tmpdir}/import_file_spec" }
let(:sensitive_words) { %w[pass secret token key] }
let(:safe_hashes) do
token: [
{ # Triggers
"id" => 1,
"token" => "token",
"project_id" => nil,
"deleted_at" => nil,
"gl_project_id" => 4
{ # Project hooks
"id" => 1,
"project_id" => 4,
"service_id" => nil,
"push_events" => true,
"issues_events" => false,
"merge_requests_events" => false,
"tag_push_events" => false,
"note_events" => false,
"enable_ssl_verification" => true,
"build_events" => false,
"wiki_page_events" => false,
"pipeline_events" => false,
"token" => "token"
let(:project) { setup_project }
background do
allow_any_instance_of(Gitlab::ImportExport).to receive(:storage_path).and_return(export_path)
after do
FileUtils.rm_rf(export_path, secure: true)
context 'admin user' do
before do
scenario 'user imports an exported project successfully' do
visit edit_namespace_project_path(project.namespace, project)
expect(page).to have_content('Export project')
click_link 'Export project'
visit edit_namespace_project_path(project.namespace, project)
expect(page).to have_content('Download export')
in_directory_with_expanded_export(project) do |exit_status, tmpdir|
expect(exit_status).to eq(0)
project_json_path = File.join(tmpdir, 'project.json')
expect(File).to exist(project_json_path)
project_hash = JSON.parse(
sensitive_words.each do |sensitive_word|
expect(has_sensitive_attributes?(sensitive_word, project_hash)).to be false
def setup_project
issue = create(:issue, assignee: user)
snippet = create(:project_snippet)
release = create(:release)
project = create(:project,
issues: [issue],
snippets: [snippet],
releases: [release]
label = create(:label, project: project)
create(:label_link, label: label, target: issue)
milestone = create(:milestone, project: project)
merge_request = create(:merge_request, source_project: project, milestone: milestone)
commit_status = create(:commit_status, project: project)
ci_pipeline = create(:ci_pipeline,
project: project,
sha: merge_request.diff_head_sha,
ref: merge_request.source_branch,
statuses: [commit_status])
create(:ci_build, pipeline: ci_pipeline, project: project)
create(:milestone, project: project)
create(:note, noteable: issue, project: project)
create(:note, noteable: merge_request, project: project)
create(:note, noteable: snippet, project: project)
author: user,
project: project,
commit_id: ci_pipeline.sha)
create(:event, target: milestone, project: project, action: Event::CREATED, author: user)
create(:project_member, :master, user: user, project: project)
create(:ci_variable, project: project)
create(:ci_trigger, project: project)
key = create(:deploy_key)
key.projects << project
create(:service, project: project)
create(:project_hook, project: project, token: 'token')
create(:protected_branch, project: project)
# Expands the compressed file for an exported project into +tmpdir+
def in_directory_with_expanded_export(project)
Dir.mktmpdir do |tmpdir|
export_file = project.export_project_path
_output, exit_status = Gitlab::Popen.popen(%W{tar -zxf #{export_file} -C #{tmpdir}})
yield(exit_status, tmpdir)
# Recursively finds key/values including +key+ as part of the key, inside a nested hash
def deep_find_with_parent(key, object, found = nil)
if object.respond_to?(:key?) && object.keys.any? { |k| k.include?(key) }
[object[key], object] if object[key]
elsif object.is_a? Enumerable
object.find { |*a| found, object = deep_find_with_parent(key, a.last, found) }
[found, object] if found
# Returns true if a sensitive word is found inside a hash, excluding safe hashes
def has_sensitive_attributes?(sensitive_word, project_hash)
loop do
object, parent = deep_find_with_parent(sensitive_word, project_hash)
parent.except!('created_at', 'updated_at', 'url') if parent
if object && safe_hashes[sensitive_word.to_sym].include?(parent)
# It's in the safe list, remove hash and keep looking
elsif object
return true
return false
require 'spec_helper'
# Checks whether there are new attributes in models that are currently being exported as part of the
# project Import/Export feature.
# If there are new attributes, these will have to either be added to this spec in case we want them
# to be included as part of the export, or blacklist them using the import_export.yml configuration file.
# Likewise, new models added to import_export.yml, will need to be added with their correspondent attributes
# to this spec.
describe 'Attribute configuration', lib: true do
let(:config_hash) { YAML.load_file(Gitlab::ImportExport.config_file).deep_stringify_keys }
let(:relation_names) do
names = config_hash['project_tree'].to_s.gsub(/[\[{}\]=>\"\:]/, ',').split(',').delete_if(&:blank?)
names.uniq - ['author', 'milestones', 'labels'] + ['project'] # Remove duplicated or add missing models
let(:safe_model_attributes) do
'Issue' => %w[id title assignee_id author_id project_id created_at updated_at position branch_name description state iid updated_by_id confidential deleted_at due_date moved_to_id lock_version],
'Event' => %w[id target_type target_id title data project_id created_at updated_at action author_id],
'Note' => %w[id note noteable_type author_id created_at updated_at project_id attachment line_code commit_id noteable_id system st_diff updated_by_id type position original_position],
'LabelLink' => %w[id label_id target_id target_type created_at updated_at],
'Label' => %w[id title color project_id created_at updated_at template description priority],
'Milestone' => %w[id title project_id description due_date created_at updated_at state iid],
'ProjectSnippet' => %w[id title content author_id project_id created_at updated_at file_name type visibility_level],
'Release' => %w[id tag description project_id created_at updated_at],
'ProjectMember' => %w[id access_level source_id source_type user_id notification_level type created_at updated_at created_by_id invite_email invite_token invite_accepted_at requested_at],
'User' => %w[id username email],
'MergeRequest' => %w[id target_branch source_branch source_project_id author_id assignee_id title created_at updated_at state merge_status target_project_id iid description position locked_at updated_by_id merge_error merge_params merge_when_build_succeeds merge_user_id merge_commit_sha deleted_at in_progress_merge_commit_sha lock_version],
'MergeRequestDiff' => %w[id state st_commits merge_request_id created_at updated_at base_commit_sha real_size head_commit_sha start_commit_sha],
'Ci::Pipeline' => %w[id project_id ref sha before_sha push_data created_at updated_at tag yaml_errors committed_at gl_project_id status started_at finished_at duration user_id],
'CommitStatus' => %w[id project_id status finished_at trace created_at updated_at started_at runner_id coverage commit_id commands job_id name deploy options allow_failure stage trigger_request_id stage_idx tag ref user_id type target_url description artifacts_file gl_project_id artifacts_metadata erased_by_id erased_at artifacts_expire_at environment artifacts_size when yaml_variables queued_at],
'Ci::Variable' => %w[id project_id key value encrypted_value encrypted_value_salt encrypted_value_iv gl_project_id],
'Ci::Trigger' => %w[id token project_id deleted_at created_at updated_at gl_project_id],
'DeployKey' => %w[id user_id created_at updated_at key title type fingerprint public],
'Service' => %w[id type title project_id created_at updated_at active properties template push_events issues_events merge_requests_events tag_push_events note_events pipeline_events build_events category default wiki_page_events],
'ProjectHook' => %w[id url project_id created_at updated_at type service_id push_events issues_events merge_requests_events tag_push_events note_events pipeline_events enable_ssl_verification build_events wiki_page_events token],
'ProtectedBranch' => %w[id project_id name created_at updated_at],
'Project' => %w[description issues_enabled merge_requests_enabled wiki_enabled snippets_enabled visibility_level archived]
it 'has no new columns' do
relation_names.each do |relation_name|
relation_class = relation_class_for_name(relation_name)
expect(safe_model_attributes[relation_class.to_s]).not_to be_nil
current_attributes = parsed_attributes(relation_name, relation_class.attribute_names)
safe_attributes = safe_model_attributes[relation_class.to_s]
new_attributes = current_attributes - safe_attributes
expect(new_attributes).to be_empty, failure_message(relation_class.to_s, new_attributes)
def relation_class_for_name(relation_name)
relation_name = Gitlab::ImportExport::RelationFactory::OVERRIDES[relation_name.to_sym] || relation_name
def failure_message(relation_class, new_attributes)
It looks like #{relation_class}, which is exported using the project Import/Export, has new attributes: #{new_attributes.join(',')}
Please add the attribute(s) to +safe_model_attributes+ in CURRENT_SPEC if you consider this can be exported.
Otherwise, please blacklist the attribute(s) in IMPORT_EXPORT_CONFIG by adding it to its correspondent
model in the +excluded_attributes+ section.
IMPORT_EXPORT_CONFIG: #{Gitlab::ImportExport.config_file}
def parsed_attributes(relation_name, attributes)
excluded_attributes = config_hash['excluded_attributes'][relation_name]
included_attributes = config_hash['included_attributes'][relation_name]
attributes = attributes - JSON[excluded_attributes.to_json] if excluded_attributes
attributes = attributes & JSON[included_attributes.to_json] if included_attributes
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