1. 15 Oct, 2015 9 commits
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      Implement when syntax in .gitlab-ci.yml · 0620f7cdb050
      Kamil Trzcinski authored
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      Improve invalidation of stored service password if the endpoint URL is changed · 1698fc9ac2d0
      Alex Lossent authored
      Password can now be specified at the same time as the new URL, and the service
      template admin pages now work.
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      Fixed Rubocop styling issues · d4ab7a6e5d8d
      Yorick Peterse authored
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      Improve ProjectTeam#max_member_access performance · 9b40ff3aad44
      Yorick Peterse authored
      By comparing objects in Ruby we can greatly improve the performance of
      this method. In the worst case (should no data be eager loaded) this
      will run the same amount of queries as before, in the best case (when
      data _is_ eager loadeD) it requires no queries at all.
      The added benchmark used to produce around 273 iterations per second.
      With this commit this has been increased to almost 40 000 iterations per
      second: a speedup of roughly 145 times.
      Combined with eager loading Note associations this results in about 30
      queries less when viewing a single issue, this in turn cuts down the
      loading time by 30-40%.
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      Eager load project associations for notes · 2aef7fa203ae
      Yorick Peterse authored
      This ensures that when viewing an issue each note already has the
      associated project, project members, group and group members available.
      Since this information is requres for every note this results in quite
      the reduction of SQL queries being executed.
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      Eager load note projects when viewing issues · 0e77cfa2e49c
      Yorick Peterse authored
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      Eager load various issue/note associations · 85709f81b6ce
      Yorick Peterse authored
      This ensures we don't end up running N+1 queries for the objects in the
      affected collections.
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      Improve performance of User.by_login · 1874f20389c4
      Yorick Peterse authored
      Performance is improved in two steps:
      1. On PostgreSQL an expression index is used for checking lower(email)
         and lower(username).
      2. The check to determine if we're searching for a username or Email is
         moved to Ruby. Thanks to @haynes for suggesting and writing the
         initial implementation of this.
      Moving the check to Ruby makes this method an additional 1.5 times
      faster compared to doing the check in the SQL query.
      With performance being improved I've now also tweaked the amount of
      iterations required by the User.by_login benchmark. This method now runs
      between 900 and 1000 iterations per second.
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