1. 31 Jan, 2017 9 commits
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      Add GitLab Pages · bc5e3a4463d6
      Kamil Trzcinski authored
      - The pages are created when build artifacts for `pages` job are uploaded
      - Pages serve the content under: http://group.pages.domain.com/project
      - Pages can be used to serve the group page, special project named as host: group.pages.domain.com
      - User can provide own 403 and 404 error pages by creating 403.html and 404.html in group page project
      - Pages can be explicitly removed from the project by clicking Remove Pages in Project Settings
      - The size of pages is limited by Application Setting: max pages size, which limits the maximum size of unpacked archive (default: 100MB)
      - The public/ is extracted from artifacts and content is served as static pages
      - Pages asynchronous worker use `dd` to limit the unpacked tar size
      - Pages needs to be explicitly enabled and domain needs to be specified in gitlab.yml
      - Pages are part of backups
      - Pages notify the deployment status using Commit Status API
      - Pages use a new sidekiq queue: pages
      - Pages use a separate nginx config which needs to be explicitly added
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      update spec · a9a9577ac559
      James Lopez authored
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      add spec replicating validation error · de561a8f08dc
      James Lopez authored
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      Don't capitalize environment name in show page · bf2ea4ab10bb
      Filipa Lacerda authored
      Upate test to match the new behavior
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      Abillity to promote project labels to group labels · 38d9affd8770
      Ritave authored
      Fixes #24021
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      refactor merge request build service · 7198c841396e
      Rydkin Maxim authored
      add changelog entry
      replace local variables `merge_request` with instance ones
      modify `MergeRequests::BuildService` to fix failed tests
      extract `assign_target_project` method
      remove unnecessary instance variables
      remove exclamation marks and rewrite conditionals to improve readability
      extract `params_does_not_contain_branches?` method, rename `unprepared_merge_request` method to `uncreatable_merge_request`
      replace instance variables `merge_request` and `error_messages` with getters and setters; divide `set_title_and_description` method on two separate ones
      refactor `execute` method
      return `set_title_and_description` method
      rename `branches_selected?` method to `branches_present?` to make it more different from `branches_specified?`
      fixes after discussion
      renamed method branches_valid?
      fix space
      return assigning methods into `execute` method
      simplify `find_target_branch` and `find_source_project` methods
      fix spec `merge request issuable record that supports slash commands in its description and notes`
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      Remove flash warning from login page · e9c3201a238c
      Padilla, Gerald authored
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