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  1. 08 Feb, 2017 1 commit
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    • Stan Hu's avatar
      Add index to labels for `type` and project_id` · d667942d0222
      Stan Hu authored
      When loading pages that display the number of open issues,
      the backend runs a query such as:
      SELECT "labels"."id" FROM "labels" WHERE "labels"."type" IN ('ProjectLabel') AND "labels"."project_id" = 1000
      This results in an entire scan of the `labels` table. To optimize performance,
      add the appropriate index to the table.
      Closes #27676
  5. 03 Feb, 2017 2 commits
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  7. 31 Jan, 2017 2 commits
    • Kamil Trzcinski's avatar
      Pages domain model specs · ffdbd6334ba7
      Kamil Trzcinski authored
    • Kamil Trzcinski's avatar
      Add GitLab Pages · bc5e3a4463d6
      Kamil Trzcinski authored
      - The pages are created when build artifacts for `pages` job are uploaded
      - Pages serve the content under:
      - Pages can be used to serve the group page, special project named as host:
      - User can provide own 403 and 404 error pages by creating 403.html and 404.html in group page project
      - Pages can be explicitly removed from the project by clicking Remove Pages in Project Settings
      - The size of pages is limited by Application Setting: max pages size, which limits the maximum size of unpacked archive (default: 100MB)
      - The public/ is extracted from artifacts and content is served as static pages
      - Pages asynchronous worker use `dd` to limit the unpacked tar size
      - Pages needs to be explicitly enabled and domain needs to be specified in gitlab.yml
      - Pages are part of backups
      - Pages notify the deployment status using Commit Status API
      - Pages use a new sidekiq queue: pages
      - Pages use a separate nginx config which needs to be explicitly added
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    • Horacio Sanson's avatar
      Add support for PlantUML diagrams in Asciidoc. · 4cf1da5bb1b4
      Horacio Sanson authored
      This MR enables rendering of PlantUML diagrams in Asciidoc documents. To add a
      PlantUML diagram all we need is to include a plantuml block like:
      [plantuml, id="myDiagram", width="100px", height="100px"]
      bob -> alice : ping
      alice -> bob : pong
      The plantuml block is substituted by an HTML img element with *src* pointing to
      an external PlantUML server.
      This MR also add a PlantUML integration section to the Administrator -> Settings
      page to configure the PlantUML rendering service and to enable/disable it.
      Closes: #17603
  13. 08 Jan, 2017 2 commits
    • Vincent Wong's avatar
      Record and show last used date of SSH Keys · 08ff04185476
      Vincent Wong authored
      Addresses: Issue #13810
      1. Adds a last_used_at attribute to the Key table/model
      2. Update a key's last_used_at whenever it gets used
      3. Display how long ago an ssh key was last used
    • Yorick Peterse's avatar
      Remove the column · 969751d02ea0
      Yorick Peterse authored
      This column used to be a 32 bits integer, allowing for only a maximum of
      2 147 483 647 rows. Given enough users one can hit this limit pretty
      quickly, as was the case for
      Changing this type to bigint (= 64 bits) would give us more space, but
      we'd eventually hit the same limit given enough users and projects. A
      much more sustainable solution is to simply drop the "id" column.
      There were only 2 lines of code depending on this column being present,
      and neither truly required it to be present. Instead the code now uses
      the "project_id" column combined with the "user_id" column. This means
      that instead of something like this:
          DELETE FROM project_authorizations
          WHERE user_id = X
          AND id = Y;
      We now run the following when removing rows:
          DELETE FROM project_authorizations
          WHERE user_id = X
          AND project_id = Y;
      Since both user_id and project_id are indexed this should not slow down
      the DELETE query.
      This commit also removes the "dependent: destroy" clause from the
      "project_authorizations" relation in the User and Project models.
      Keeping this prevents Rails from being able to remove data as it relies
      on an "id" column being present. Since the "project_authorizations"
      table has proper foreign keys set up (with cascading removals) we don't
      need to depend on any Rails logic.
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    • Ruben Davila's avatar
      Add new configuration setting to enable/disable HTML emails. · 182b08c87280
      Ruben Davila authored
      This new global setting will allow admins to specify if HTML emails should be sent or not,
      this is basically useful when system administrators want to save some disk space by avoiding
      emails in HTML format and using only the Plain Text version.
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