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  13. 21 Dec, 2016 3 commits
    • Kamil Trzcinski's avatar
      Revert conflicting EE changes · efefb2a699cf
      Kamil Trzcinski authored
    • Markus Koller's avatar
      Add more storage statistics · 4571941f6307
      Markus Koller authored
      This adds counters for build artifacts and LFS objects, and moves
      the preexisting repository_size and commit_count from the projects
      table into a new project_statistics table.
      The counters are displayed in the administration area for projects
      and groups, and also available through the API for admins (on */all)
      and normal users (on */owned)
      The statistics are updated through ProjectCacheWorker, which can now
      do more granular updates with the new :statistics argument.
    • Adam Niedzielski's avatar
      Introduce "Set up autodeploy" button to help configure GitLab CI for deployment · cbcadf00b4d9
      Adam Niedzielski authored
      The button allows to choose a ".gitlab-ci.yml" template that automatically
      sets up the deployment of an application.
      The currently supported template is Kubernetes template.
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    • Adam Niedzielski's avatar
      Pass variables from deployment project services to CI runner · 2ce01fde3e35
      Adam Niedzielski authored
      This commit introduces the concept of deployment variables - variables
      that are collected from deployment services and passed to CI runner
      during a deployment build.
      Deployment services specify the variables by overriding
      "predefined_variables" method.
      This commit also configures variables for KubernetesService
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    • Yorick Peterse's avatar
      Refactor cache refreshing/expiring · f10e7ac7c903
      Yorick Peterse authored
      This refactors repository caching so it's possible to selectively
      refresh certain caches, instead of just expiring and refreshing
      To allow this the various methods that were cached (e.g. "tag_count" and
      "readme") use a similar pattern that makes expiring and refreshing
      their data much easier.
      In this new setup caches are refreshed as follows:
      1. After a commit (but before running ProjectCacheWorker) we expire some
         basic caches such as the commit count and repository size.
      2. ProjectCacheWorker will recalculate the commit count, repository
         size, then refresh a specific set of caches based on the list of
         files changed in a push payload.
      This requires a bunch of changes to the various methods that may be
      cached. For one, data should not be cached if a branch used or the
      entire repository does not exist. To prevent all these methods from
      handling this manually this is taken care of in
      Repository#cache_method_output. Some methods still manually check for
      the existence of a repository but this result is also cached.
      With selective flushing implemented ProjectCacheWorker no longer uses an
      exclusive lease for all of its work. Instead this worker only uses a
      lease to limit the number of times the repository size is updated as
      this is a fairly expensive operation.
  25. 18 Nov, 2016 5 commits