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  1. 10 May, 2017 1 commit
  2. 08 May, 2017 3 commits
    • Toon Claes's avatar
      Devise can assign trackable fields, but only allow writes once/hour · 5e0b940d55de
      Toon Claes authored
      Not assigning the trackable fields seems to cause strange side-effects.
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      Limit `update_tracked_fields` to write to database once/hour · 4e044b8424db
      Toon Claes authored
      Every time a user logs in or out, the Trackable attributes are written to the
      database. This is causing a lot of load on the database, for data that isn't
      really critical.
      So to avoid the database being hammered, add a Gitlab::ExclusiveLease before
      writing trackable attributes to the database. This lease expires after an hour,
      so only when the attributes were written more than an hour ago, they can be
      written again. Otherwise they are ignored.
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      Fix sub-second timing comparison error for Devise confirmation period · 8faf5bf0f8f7
      Stan Hu authored
      On databases such as MySQL, it's possible to get into a timing comparison
      error if the value of `Confirmable#confirmation_sent_at` is within a second
      of `0.days.ago`. This is possible mostly in specs that test this behavior
      and most likely not happening in practice. The result of this error causes
      a user to be deemed active when it should be inactive. To prevent this
      error, we explicitly check the configuration setting to be `0.days.ago`.
      Closes gitlab-org/gitlab-ee#2362
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  15. 06 Apr, 2017 6 commits
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      Implement review comments from @DouweM for !10467. · 5f3bbe5114ae
      Timothy Andrew authored
      1. Have `MigrateToGhostUser` be a service rather than a mixed-in module, to keep
         things explicit. Specs testing the behavior of this class are moved into a
         separate service spec file.
      2. Add a `user.reported_abuse_reports` association to make the
         `migrate_abuse_reports` method more consistent with the other `migrate_`
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      Fix a bug with the User#abuse_report association. · 8b9f2f1e92c4
      Timothy Andrew authored
      1. The foreign key was not explicitly specified on the association.
      2. The `AbuseReport` model contains two references to user - `reporter_id` and
      3. `user.abuse_report` is supposed to return the single abuse report where
         `user_id` refers to the given user.
      Bug Description
      1. `user.abuse_report` would return an abuse report where `reporter_id` referred
         to the current user, if such an abuse report was present.
      2. This implies a slightly more serious bug as well:
         - Assume User A filed an abuse report against User B
         - We have an abuse report where `reporter_id` is User A and `user_id` is User B
         - If User A is updated (`user_a.block`, for example), the abuse report would
           also be updated, such that both `reporter_id` _and_ `user_id` point to User A.
      Explicitly declare the foreign key `user_id` in the `has_one` declaration
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      user#update_two_factor_requirement is public · 1dcdf0c7799c
      Alexis Reigel authored
    • Alexis Reigel's avatar
      rename cache db column with `_cached` suffix · 2256eb9d048c
      Alexis Reigel authored
    • Alexis Reigel's avatar
      check all groups for 2fa requirement · e6b5fb993710
      Alexis Reigel authored
    • Markus Koller's avatar
      Support 2FA requirement per-group · 8da987130386
      Markus Koller authored
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